пятница, 2 июня 2017 г.

New version of Sonda identification system is leading at the international testing

Sonda presented a new algorithm for the system of fingerprint identification for international test FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition). The testing is conducted by the International biometric Association, organized a number of leading universities from Italy, USA, Spain.

Testing FVC acts on an ongoing basis and compares the identification algorithms presented by companies by developers, by evaluating the accuracy of fingerprint recognition. Also, the comparison speed and the code size of the print templates are taken into account. New algorithm for the identification of the company Sonda, submitted may 26, 2017 to test the FV-HARD-1.0, and showed the best results on most indicators. This test compares two fingerprint in verification mode, and includes complex cases (distortion, interference, deformation), which considerably complicate the verification process. The test results do not always reflect the expected accuracy in real applications but allow to differentiate better the performance of different algorithms in fingerprint recognition.

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